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Easy Furniture Web Tip #150 - 3 Different Facebook Icons Explained

Furniture World News Desk on 6/4/2012

By Katherine Andes

Do the different Facebook icons on web pages sometimes confuse you? Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone.

There are different Facebook icons because there are usually three ways to interact with Facebook on a given web page and, ideally, you should have them all on your own pages.

Here they are.

  • Facebook Share. When your visitor clicks that icon, your web page is shared with all of her Facebook friends.
  • Facebook Like. If your visitor clicks this icon, it will show up as some text on her Facebook page and it simply states that she “liked” your company’s web page.
  • Facebook Follow Us (or Like our Page). When your visitor clicks on this icon, she will be taken to your business Page (formerly called a Fan Page). Be sure to make this page appealing so that your visitor will then Like your Page. Then she will get your promotional messages on her personal Facebook page.
It’s enough to make you want to shoot your computer. By the way, the same goes for Twitter, you need to have both “follow us” and “share” Twitter icons.

In addition, there are live Facebook and Twitter feeds you can load on your pages. But I don’t want to make you crazy. For most furniture websites, they aren’t necessary. In fact, too much social media can detract from your sales message.

For you old fogeys: It will help you enormously to understand Facebook if you just suck it up and get a personal account. You will also get lots of cute pictures and information about your grandkids.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #150: There are three different Facebook icons that you should have on your website. They all have different functions, so try not to leave any of them out.

Katherine Andes specializes in web content development and SEO services — including page customization for storefront and franchise web sites. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at Kathy@AndesAndAssociates.com.
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