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Easy Furniture Web Tip #128 - Never say No When …

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By Katherine Andes

In my younger years, I took a comedy writing class from Danny Simon. Yes, he was Neil’s older brother and he was a successful comedy writer in his own right, mainly for television.

In a class exercise, he had me pretend I was a Head Writer for a television situation comedy show, while others in the class were on “my staff” pitching story ideas to me. As people pitched ideas, I started saying, “No, no, and no.”

Danny stopped me and said, “Don’t do that. Never say ‘no’ to any idea when you’re brainstorming!”

I was really surprised — many of the ideas had been pretty stupid. Then he explained, “If you say no to people, they will stop giving you ideas. And no matter how lousy one idea might be, that person’s next idea may be brilliant. And if you’ve shut them down, you’ll never get it.”

He also explained that it was important to let ideas sit in your brain awhile. An idea that seemed stupid at first hearing may not sound so stupid after it’s simmered awhile.

I never forgot that. It’s been a valuable lesson for many aspects of my life … not that I always practiced the concept perfectly.

For web marketing ideas, the lesson is obvious. When a staffer, friend, or anyone gives you an idea for your website, listen. Ask him or her to explain the idea more. Take notes. Simply by writing the idea down, you will show respect for the person … and he or she will be more likely to share any future ideas.

Yes, most of the tips will not work for your business, but some of them will. And when they do, you’ll be so glad you listened.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #128: Always listen when someone gives you a web marketing idea. Write it down. Let it ferment in your mind. The good ideas that you can use will rise to the top.

Katherine Andes specializes in copywriting for SEO and web content development — including page customization for storefront and franchise web sites. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at Kathy@AndesAndAssociates.com.

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