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White Paper Available From PMP For Free Download

Furniture World News Desk on 3/30/2015

PMP Sales reported that a long-awaited and definitive explanation of “Restructuring Sales” has been released by the furniture promotion experts at PMP Sales in collaboration with Tango Media. The ebook is available for free download here.

This informative document covers the definition and process of a Restructuring Sale from beginning to end, answering many questions surrounding this relatively recent profit-building strategy offered to independent furniture retailers by promotion companies such as PMP Sales.

Ron Cooper, the VP of Sales and Marketing for the promotion company, knows first-hand of the challenges and fears that can accompany owning a retail furniture store. After closing his two stores in 2008, Ron dedicated his career to helping other furniture retailers navigate the narrow road toward success in this industry.

“It gets tougher every day for the independents,” Ron noted, “they aren’t just competing with the big box stores anymore, their competition has grown into the department stores, the warehouse clubs, even Walmart and Target sell furniture now.”

Ron recognizes that independent retailers are hesitant to contact a promotion company for the mere dread of receiving a high-pressure sales pitch. “My solution for that was to write this ebook on Restructuring Sales and make it available for free download,” explained Ron.

“Now retailers can learn about the steps involved and the immediate benefits of a Restructuring Sale without having to meet with a professional consultant or promoter,” Ron said, “Often times the unknown is what blocks us from moving forward with choices toward success. My mission is to help independent furniture retailers succeed. If I can remove part of that ‘unknown’ for them, I’m making it easier for them to get started toward increased profitability.”

The 11-page ebook covers:
  • What goals a Restructuring Sale will accomplish
  • The areas of a retailer’s operation that will be analyzed
  • The most popular challenges and solutions for today’s retailers
  • The general process that PMP Sales employs before, during, and after a Restructuring Sale
Click here for your FREE download of How a Restructuring Sale Generates Profit and Improves Business Performance.

Questions or comments? Email Ron at ron@pmpsalesusa.com
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