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Sales Promotion Tips From PMP

Promotional ideas and observations on innovative retail marketing and furniture promotions.

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For furniture retailers, "How a Restructuring Sales Generates Profit and Improves Business Performance" (pdf file).

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #13: Why Renovate Your Store?

Perhaps now it's time run a renovation sale to promote your new look.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #12: Furniture Retailers That Were Affected By Superstorm Sandy – An Opportunity Exists

Five ideas for running post-disaster high impact furniture sales promotions.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #11: Start over with A New Brand- Check Out Consignment Furniture Shops.

Many stores are looking for the right model to compete against the big box stores and the internet. Well, here’s one answer.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #10: When Disasters Hit, Opportunities Exist.

NOW is the time to get your message out to your customers that you can help them replace lost furniture and carpet but you can’t whisper the message!

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip # 9: Reputation Management

This column will look at when and what to say to customers to maintain your store’s brand image during a high impact sale – and to position yourself for continued patronage in the future.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #8: Testing a New Market - How about a "Pop- Up" Store?

Today’s landlords are talking to furniture owners about running short-term sales (2-6 months) and in some cases only charging enough to cover their taxes and cam charges (some even charge just a % of gross sales!).

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #7 From Profit Management Promotions: What If You Could Do It All Over Again?

Retailers need to plan to restructure the business to align better with the evolving needs of today’s customers and to ensure viability in a highly competitive environment.

Furniture PromotionsTip #6 From Profit Management Promotions: Taking Credit With Creditors

Make sure your lenders and other financial advisors are the first ones to learn about your plans for conducting a high-impact sale.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #5 From Profit Management Promotions: Create An Action Plan For 2011

Look at how the major “macro” market forces have impacted your business at the local level. Factor these key shifts into your action plan for 2011.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #4: Planning To Fail?

Immediately assess the “3Rs” in your current business. Use the assessment to begin formulating an action plan for the next six months.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #3: More Warning Signs

Conduct a financial stress-test to size up your situation in terms of fiscal realities.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #2: Your Sales Team

Talk with each member of your sales team. Gauge how they’re feeling (motivationally speaking) and whether or not they have the energy and enthusiasm to do the job.

Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #1: Merchandise Matters!

There are three warning signs that can alert furniture store owners to the need to look into the necessity of doing a high impact sale. The first warning sign is poor merchandising/ obsolete inventory.