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Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #11: Start over with A New Brand- Check Out Consignment Furniture Shops.

Furniture World News Desk on 9/23/2012

By Ron Cooper
Director of Sales and Marketing
Profit Management Promotions

How many times has a consumer told the salesperson –“If I could only get rid of my old dining room set, I could afford to buy that new one.” Well, if that furniture store was smart, it would realize the potential of either carving out a piece of their floor space for the ever popular consignment business.

If you read Jerry Epperson in Furniture Today, he recently wrote a very positive article about how the consignment business is the most exciting thing to come into the furniture business in many, many years. Think about the new car business without the used car business for a second. How hard would it be for that car sales person to sell Mr. Customer that new car without a way to dispose of the old car? The same principle occurs with furniture purchases and now that objection can be overcome.

Today’s take-away

Many stores are looking for the right model to compete against the big box stores and the internet. Well, here’s one answer. By running a high impact sale announcing to your market place that you now will take back and sell their old furniture is a true, home run for you! And one of the best parts is the consumer sends pictures to you via email, then you decide if it can sell in your store and then you charge the customer to pick up their furniture. How exciting is that!  Want to learn more? Give me a call at PMP to discuss your next high impact promotion.

Editor’s Note: This is the eleventh installment of a monthly column – Promotion Possibilities – that provides tips, tactics and techniques for using sales promotions for business again.

Ron Cooper is director of sales and marketing for Profit Management Promotions – one of the nation’s leading sales promotion firms serving the home furnishings industry. Established in 1985, the company is headquartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and maintains regional offices in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and California. www.pmpsales.com

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